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Sarah Doll-Steinberg, CD Associate Coach

Sarah Doll-Steinberg, CD Associate Coach

United Kingdom


I am a Certified ADHD Coach, Digital Wellness Coach and Nutritional Therapist. I combine knowledge of the latest neuroscience research into the workings of the brain with current research into the human body. I coach from a holistic perspective with the understanding of the interaction between the two.

I work with teenagers, adults and parents helping them to understand the neurological reasons for their behaviour. After identifying the areas that need support we work together to create strategies to help meet the determined goals, providing scaffolding to support the client whilst they develop new habits and improve their life skills. I also work in organisations, educating groups about the symptoms of neurodiversity and how to support neurodiverse workers.

I trained at ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA), the global leader and pioneer in the specialty arena of ADHD coach training and one of the few comprehensive ADHD Coach Training Programs fully accredited by ICF and PAAC. I then specialised in Executive Function and Social Skills development, training with both ADDCA and the "Seeing my time" programme from Marydee Sklar. I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the ICF (International Coach Federation) and an ADDCA Associate Coach.

As a Certified Practitioner of Nutritional Therapy, I integrate diet into ADHD coaching sessions where required, in order to reduce inflammation in the body, and increase the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin and hence lessen ADHD symptoms.

Given the frequent co-morbidity between ADHD and Digital Addiction, I studied the Neuroscience of Addiction with Consciously Digital and Certified as a Digital Wellness Coach in order to help my clients improve their digital habits and work/life balance.

I started my coaching career after ADHD was diagnosed in my family and I struggled to find the right resources to help my family members both in home and in school. During training, I discovered I also displayed most of the characteristics of ADHD and was officially diagnosed. The realisation that there was a reason behind her challenges was life changing and I became determined to help other people in the same situation.

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