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Lifehacks for a more human lockdown

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

As the world is getting into the second lockdown, increasingly more aspects of our lives are tied to our screens (work, shopping, entertainment, chatting with friends and relatives, flirting, studying — you name it).

We have put together a few lifehacks on how to make your ‘stay at home’ experience more human.

1. Take “movement snacks” to break up from the screen. Rather than doing one long workout a day, do three 10-15 minute periods of movement.

2. Get on “info diet”, and limit your news intake to 10-15 minutes daily, to be taken NOT first thing in the morning and ONLY from professional news sites, not social media, which are optimized to keep you sharing and sharing.

3. Make your social media settings less addictive (check out hacks from a professional UX designer)

4. Do the “Fake Commute”. Go for a walk each morning before starting work, and after finishing your work, as if you were commuting still. Great to clean up your mind and energize the body.

5. Shorten online meetings and encourage your counterparty to use a camera (and use it yourself). Our brain gets more tired when we can’t pick up the reactions of another person and talk to an empty screen.

6. Learn a new skill, whether mental or physical. Pursuing a goal, having structured time and a support group is one of the most luxurious things to have during the pandemic, as one of our graduates puts it. It helps you stay focused on what’s important for you, rather than trying to cope with anxiety by endless scrolling.

Wishing you to make this November human and warm!

Anastasia and the rest of Consciously Digital team

P.S. Speaking of new skills, applications for the next cohort of Consciously Digital 6 months coach training will open soon. You can sign up for the waitlist here to know when we open it, or try our full-day coach training fundamentals on the 14th November. Both programs teach you basic coaching skills to help you and others avoid overwhelm and stay more focused in the digital age.

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