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We're hiring: Marketing and Events Sales partner (right hand to CEO)

We are on the mission to help people be more mindful about how they use or design technology. We regularly organize events, talks, workshops talking about how to use and design technology more consciously and are building a strong community around the world. We are looking for someone who will help raise awareness globally.

Position: Marketing and Events sales partner (aka right hand to CEO)

Scope of the role: It's a mixture of executive PA to company and marketing/sales role.

You will help organize and market events and workshops, and support CEO/founder with various marketing/PR enquiries. Initially, the role will be responsible for organizing and selling our public events/talks (4-5 every month). Most of this work is done via computer, and involves lots of calls and emails. If you are comfortable with negotiating and convincing people to be partners and getting them excited about our much-needed message of balance between using technology and being offline, you will love this role.

Your day-to-day activity can include reaching out to 50 potential venues, researching for influencers in a particular city and contacting them, inviting to the events and asking to help spread the word, liaising with journalists, sending speakers' briefs to conferences etc., managing freelancers if needed, checking your weekly KPIs and reviewing your strategy/tactics based on how sales are going.

We're a startup, so you would need to get your hands dirty.

Location: Barcelona, Spain (no relocation package provided), part of it can be done from home

Time commitment: full time (we believe in flexible working, and normally don't control your hours, and are far more interested in the results). If you can do all the work for 1 hour a week, and have results, that's cool. If you don't get results... well, we try harder until we get them!

Salary: base salary + commission + bonus subject to KPIs fulfillment, depends on your experience.

Who we are looking for (must-haves):

  • Believe in Consciously Digital mission and see yourself growing with the company long-term and willing to practice digital wellbeing principles yourself. There are lots of growth opportunities for the right person.

  • Highly organized and super attentive to detail. Like, really really attentive, because there are lots of small bits of information to keep track of.

  • Min 2 years experience of managing complex several projects at the same time (no need to have a formal project management qualification, but you should be comfrotable with promoting 4-6 events simultaneously)

  • Fluent/native written and spoken English (someone who can write grammatically correct emails, if your applicationt contains errors, we'd consider you not fluent, sorry)

  • Thrives with routine work (there will be lot of it)

  • Experienced and comfortable with working on specific KPIs

  • Can work under pressure, self-starter with an entrepreneurial mindset (we won't always tell you what exactly to do, you may need to figure it out yourself)

  • Positive and pro-active, 'can do' attitude. We don't want a person who tells us why something is impossible, we want someone who will try anyways, and when it doesn't work, will try something else. We're on a hard mission, and need true partners.

  • Speaks and behaves as a human, not as a standard marketing person (sorry, marketing people, no offence, but we hate posts addressed to 'users' and like to see humans behind every subscriber or follower)

Highly desirable

  • Fluent at least in one other European language (especially German or French)

  • Experienced in complex sales and/or events or project management - minimum 3 years

  • Has previously worked and lived in several countries, desirably blue-chip organization in sales role

  • Demonstrable interest in wellbeing and technology

  • Very desirably already based in Barcelona (but we'll consider someone remote too if you are willing to move, no package provided though)

  • Experience managing various partners and subcontractors/freelancers

How to apply

How to apply: please use this application form only. It has a few questions that simulate real tasks you may need to deal with, so don't just send us your CV please; we are much more interested in knowing how you work rather than what's written there.

Don't worry, we read all entries (but unfortunately won't be able to give individual feedback to everyone).

Good luck!

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