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Meet a CD coach: Iris van de Kieft

What is your background in a few words?

In my workshops and coaching I combine my background in technology, psychology and yoga. I believe in a personalized, proactive approach for truly creating new habits.

It means that I bring embodiment practices to the table, such as mindfulness, yoga and deep breathing. These practices are meant to bring conscious awareness to both the mind and body. This can very much support all aspects of one’s daily life, including work.

Any funny fact or random thing about yourself that you'd like to share about yourself?

I have a degree in Artificial Intelligence and am a certified yoga teacher. I think this is a combination not many people expect :)

Which languages can you coach people in?

Dutch, English

What type of clients do you work with/have you worked with? What are typical problems they come to you with?

Young professionals. People who feel a bit overwhelmed at work and/or life, and feel there must be a way to approach things with less stress.

If you could give our readers one tip on how to improve their digital habits, what would it be?

Bring awareness to how you use technology and be make conscious choices about if, how and when you use it.

Is the world heading to zombie apocalypse?

Nope! Iris is available for pro-bono and paid coaching opportunities. You can contact her via her website,

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