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Consciously Digital Resources

Tools and training to take back control over your time and attention

Free Templates and Guides

Free guides for coaches, students, parents, product builders, marketing professionals, and all individuals looking to make more space for deep work in their day. 

A Boy and His Tablet Device

Guide to Childrens' screen time

5 key research articles on the impact of tech on children


Powerful Questions for Building Better Products

Ask questions to build products that make a difference in people's lives

Woman at Work

Guide to digital wellbeing careers

Help others become consciously digital in these 6 emerging career paths

Overwhelmed laptop

Template: Digital Wellness Coaching

Save your clients from digital burnout: a 4 step template for coaches.


Template: Find time for deep work in your day

Create more space for deep work and recovery in your busy work schedule

Become a Digital Wellbeing Coach

Reclaim control of your time & attention

Free Consciously Digital resources

Templates and Guides
Become a Coach
Take Control

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