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Liz Naik, CD Associate Coach

Liz Naik, CD Associate Coach


English, German

Liz is a Stress Management and Digital Wellbeing coach with a background in biochemistry and biotechnology. Liz is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, neurolinguistic programmer and Havening Techniques® Practitioner.

Liz helps clients optimize their use of digital technology to improve focus, productivity, creativity, work-culture and work-life balance. She also helps clients develop better relationships with their phones and to re-connect with themselves and with the environment.

Liz uses her therapy skills to help clients manage stress, anxiety, remove mind-set blocks and empower them to build resilience against burnout, trauma and addiction.

Liz is originally from the UK and has lived in Switzerland for over 25 years. She loves to watch football, go walking with her dogs in nature and is a dedicated life-long learner.

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