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Digital Wellness Coaching

Consciously Digital-trained coaches can help you with finding your tech-life balance, gain back control over your devices and find time to focus on what matters to you
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Benefits of Coaching


Of coachees report increased self-confidence

Over 70%

Of coachees benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills


Return on investment (ROI) on employee mental health interventions

Who can be coached?

Our coaching clients include businesses looking for executive, employee, and group coaching, individuals from various industries, as well as parents and families. We will work with you to set up a custom coaching program that works with your lifestyle.


Read on or take a self-test to determine whether it is time to unplug. 

Enjoying Nature

What can you be

coached on?

Coaches trained by Consciously Digital can help you to:

  • Have more focus and be more productive

  • Gain headspace to be more creative

  • Improve sleep and decrease anxiety

  • Avoid mindless screen-time

  • Feel a more competent parent in the digital age and help your children set up screen time boundaries 

  • Keep work life balance even if you need to be on social media for your work all the time, and even while working from home

  • Avoid digital burnout

Our four-pillar methodology helps you develop your own Digital Control Strategy by better managing your space, time, reputation and relationships online. You will be less stressed and will have more time to pursue activities that really matter to you.

How it works

Get help with your digital habits in 3 easy steps:

  1. Find a coach on the Coach Directory who speaks your language. 

  2. Contact us with a description of what you would like to be coached on.

  3. Pay for your initial consultation through our store

Consciously Digital coaches complete a rigorous 6 or 8-month training program, most possess a diploma certified by ICF, and have hundreds of hours of practical training. All coaches abide by the strict ICF code of ethics. Please, note that coaches are not employed by Consciously Digital, and are themselves responsible for their own business practice.

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Feedback for our coaches

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Laura Reeves

"Liz (CD Associate Coach) has a kindness and willingness to help that is so unique. She was so giving of her time and clearly wanted to help due to her caring nature.  I felt very held and supported and listened to throughout the process and the work helped me immensely! I now look at my use of technology in a different way.  Thank you, Liz!"

We are Consciously social! Connect with our digital wellbeing coaches here:

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