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Founder's Story

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Hi there! My name is Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina (but you can just call me Anastasia ;)). I founded Consciously Digital in 2015 — ironically, after spending more than 10 years in communications and digital marketing positions around the globe and getting paid to convince millions of people to use technology more often. 


As is typical for people who work in tech, I used to be connected 24/7. In my last corporate position, serving as a Client Director for a major tech brand, I got to the point where I was sleeping with my phone in my hand. I still didn’t think I had a problem until I started feeling my phone vibrating in my pocket — when I didn’t even have pockets! That was when I realized I needed to change my lifestyle if I wanted to stay sane.


After a lot of contemplation and some inspiration from friends, I decided to give up my smartphone altogether. It took me about 5 months, but when I finally did it I spent over a year and a half using a very basic phone that could only call and send text messages. It was the single best thing I'd done for myself in years. It freed up space in my head so I could focus on what really matters, be more creative, and feel the joy of being human.     

As I shared my story with others, I realized it reflected a growing problem on a global scale - one of people losing balance. So I founded Consciously Digital to address that problem. I wrote a book, was featured by the BBC, The Guardian, El Pais, Christian Science Monitor, and other global media. I even became a regular digital wellbeing columnist at the Huffington Post. I speak and teach all around the world about the impact of tech on our health, wellbeing, and productivity. With keynotes at major tech events such as Mobile World Congress, I encourage tech makers to adopt a more conscious and ethical approach to designing technology. Now, I am focusing on preparing the next generation of coaches to help others become consciously digital. As tech increasingly influences our lives, we need to be reminded how to be human – at work, at school, and in our personal lives.  
Let me be clear about one thing: I am not anti-tech. In fact, I am quite happy to run my business from my laptop, and I don't think everyone needs to give up their phone - I now use a smartphone again, but only as a backup device. At the same time, I believe that as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, it’s essential for humans to have a balanced relationship with it so we can all lead more focused and meaningful lives. If that sounds like you, join the Consciously Digital movement today!    

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