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Reset Focus & Attention 5 Day Challenge

Learn the basic principles of how human attention works and build your own attention muscle in a fun and interactive way. So that later you can help others restore their focus  in a highly distracting digital world.
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  • Do you or your clients struggle to read a book or article for 15 minutes without getting distracted?

  • Can't find time to work properly, because you are caught up in online meetings, or replying to never ending emails? 

  • Keeping picking your phone even though you know you should be working?

Attention is a like a muscle. If you don't practice it daily, it weakens and eventually you discover that you can't move! The good news is, you can rebuild your Attention Muscle. It takes a bit more than 5 days, but you can already reset your attention settings and start rebuilding them. So that later you help people improve their focus and productivity in the digital age.

Join the Reset Focus and Attention 5 Day Challenge! This interactive gamified course is perfect for anyone who already works with clients, or only wants to become a digital wellbeing coach or learn coaching skills. It works for team leaders and managers, HR professionals, and wellbeing champions.


Over the five days, you'll learn how to coach people to maintain attention and focus despite digital distractions - and start restoring your own!

By the end of the challenge, you'll have gained the foundational theoretical knowledge and basic coaching skills to create individualized strategies to help others restore their focus and attention in a digital world.


Gabriela Clark, USA
 Certified Health and Wellness Coach

This course has been one of the best things that have happened to me in a personal and professional level. I knew something was off with the way I reacted to technology. It was hard for me to sit for a National Board exam and realize that I couldn’t focus on the long questions like I used to. Your course gave me answers of why this was happening and provided solutions.

Why join the challenge?

  • Help others achieve their goals: Make the first steps as a digital wellbeing coach. Help clients feel more fulfilled, be productive and achieve their goals faster by maintaining focus in spite of digital distractions.

  • Boost your personal wellbeing and productivity: By learning how to manage your own attention and focus on things that matter, you'll be able to achieve more in less time and take better care of your wellbeing (because focus IS a wellbeing issue).

  • Set up the system that works for you: There are no one-fit-all solutions to stay focused as we all work and live differently. Using the knowledge and going through the practical part of the challenge, you'll review what doesn't serve you and design the system to maintain focus that works specifically for you. So that later you can help your clients or employees do the same.


But most importantly...

  • Have 5 days of fun and high energy while resetting your Attention Muscle: We learn best when we are emotionally engaged and playing with others. The Reset Attention and Focus 5 Day Challenge is designed exactly for this - connect with like-minded people and work jointly towards your shared goal!

What to Expect


Every day for 5 days during a live call with the instructor (recording available) you'll learn a little bit of theory on focus and attention, practice a task in the group and perform a daily challenge as homework to put what you've learned into practice. You'll have access to a members group, where you can interact with like-minded people and ask any questions. ​The group is max 20 participants so you get lots of personal attention.

Learning Tools

5 interactive live calls + homework + templates with exercises and questions to ask your clients + members group to ask questions and interact with like-minded people.


We'll cover essential topics like types of human attention, which neurohormones drive our focus, what makes us react impulsively, how our brains decides wha'ts urgent and how our devices can intervene or support our focus.

So you can figure out, how to best protect yourself from endless online meetings, prioritize what's urgent in digital messages, and carve out extended blocks of time on your calendar for deep work. You'll also gain insights into how to avoid wasting time on social media and how to stay focused when faced with challenging tasks.

Next Dates

Challenge starts Thu 23rd March and finishes Mon 27th March.

Pre-challenge call explaining the rules on Wed, 22nd March.

Calls daily 4-5pm UK time (5-6pm CET). Recordings available until the end of the Challenge.


1). Five days of calls 1 hour each on Zoom.
If you can't join the call, recording will be available until the end of the challenge.

2). Daily very short homework to proceed with restoring your attention (5-10 minutes per day max)


Regular price £29.99 includes:
  • access to challenge private group,
  • 5 group calls with the instructor
  • recordings available until the end of the challenge.

Upgrade to VIP for £99.99 to get:
  • all items in the regular price
  • access to VIP-only channel in the private group, where you can ask the instructor questions on your practice
  • 30 minutes Q&A after each for VIPs only, where instructor will show you the insights of what and how they do
  • An e-book or audio copy of the bestselling book Homo Distractus by Anastasia Dedyukhina
  • VIP upgrade possible after main challenge registration
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What Calls Feel Like

A funny exercise to do with your clients to explain them a cost of switching attention from one digital task to another

Your Challenge Leader

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Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina 
Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina is twice TEDx speaker, bestselling author of Homo Distractus and founder of Consciously Digital.

Anastasia is a pioneer of digital wellness, and an acknowledged international expert in the area, who frequently appears in top national and international media including BBC, CBC, MEtro The Guardian, El Pais, and speaks at major tech events like Women of Silicon Roundabout (London) or Mobile World Congress (Barcelona).

Her clients include HSBC, DLA PIper, Lush, Colt Technologies, VistaPrint, Google,, Microsoft, Soho House and many others.

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