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Level 2 Digital Wellbeing Course

Start: 5 June 2024
Understand the impact of digital technology on human body and physiology.
Accelerate your career and coaching practice. 
Includes theory and tools for implementing digital wellbeing practices into your life and your work.

Build your credentials in digital wellbeing

  • Take as part of certification program or as a standalone course

  • 2.5 months online course with a break in the middle

  • Foundational theoretical and practical concepts of digital wellbeing

  • Focuses on the impact of digital technologies on the body

  • Highly interactive with a live instructor and peers, nothing pre-recorded

  • Two options to study: theory only or theory + coaching tools and implementation

  • 6-11 classes depending on the selected study options 1.5 hour each

  • Individual and small groups assignments and personal challenges

  • Pre-requisites: Level 1 in digital wellbeing or good understanding of coaching tools

  • Applicability for workplace, parenting and personal use

  • CE credits available (see T&Cs)

Money back guarantee: If you don't like the course/don't find it useful, we'll refund you the full amount, if you give us constructive feedback on how we can improve it within 21 days of the start.


  • Learn about three levels of the nervous system and their influence upon behavior patterns

  • Discover the impact of devices upon our bodies 

  • Understand the relationship between eating habits and digital habits

  • Learn how to use “body wisdom” to raise awareness and decrease digital stress

  • Identify how devices can both help and hurt creativity

  • Learn how to recognize and use challenges like boredom in the coaching process

  • Optional: learn the tools to help your clients and co-workers improve digital wellbeing especially in the area of physical wellbeing and how to use your knowledge professionally

  • Continue your journey towards becoming certified in digital wellbeing

What to expect

Option 1: Theory Only
  • Group calls every 2 weeks - includes 6 theoretical live calls x 1.5 hours each over 2.5 months

  • Reading preparation at home (2-3 hours per week)

  • Case study discussions with a small group (1-2 hours every two weeks), humans review all answers

  • Self-tests (0.5 hour every two weeks)

  • Exercises and personal challenges to implement the learning at home and foster your personal digital wellbeing (2-3 minutes per exercise)

  • Community of current students and alumni to discuss your learnings and experience

  • Total time commitment: 4-5 hours per week

  • CE Credits: This option does NOT give you continuous education credits from ICF and NBHWC

  • Option 1 investment: 1199.99 GBP

Is Option 1 for you?
  • Suitable for those who are only interested in understanding the theoretical concepts of digital wellbeing, and not acquire coaching or consulting tools to use with clients.

  • Recommended if you want to raise your own awareness of the subject.

  • Does not cover applicability of knowledge.

  • Does NOT give you the right to be called a Consciously Digital coach or consultant.

  • Does NOT give you the right to say you are Level 2 certified by Consciously Digital

  • Gives you a certificate of completion that is NOT accredited by ICF or NBHWC and states that you have completed Theoretical part of Level 2 only.

  • Please, note that you cannot proceed with the full certification without the coaching part, but you can take the coaching part separately later on.

Option 2: Theory & Applicability

Everything under Option 1, plus:

  • 5 extra applicability group calls x 1.5 hours each over 2.5 months, where we dive into specific coaching* tools for behavioural change.

  • Coaching practicums and case study discussions with a small group (3-4 hours every two weeks).

  • Focus on how to use tools and theory to make changes at work, families or clients.

  • Curator for your small group from the alumni of Consciously Digital, who will porvide real life feedback on your skills.

  • Total time commitment: 7-8 hours per week

  • CE Credits: Gives you 20 continuous education credits (CCEs) from ICF (incl 7 RD and 13 CC) and 10 CEs from NBHWC under Module 2 of certification

  • Option 2 investment: 1699.99 GBP

*Note: while theoretical calls are recorded, coaching group calls are mandatory to attend, if you want to receive Level 2 diploma.

Is Option 2 for you?
  • Suitable for those who want to implement digital wellbeing concepts in their work, as it covers both theory and applicability of the studied concepts.

  • Suitable for all levels of coaching experience, as your receive specific exercises depending on your level.

  • Does NOT give you the right to be called a Consciously Digital coach or consultant (this title is reserved for fully certified students who have been through the 9 months certification).

  • Does NOT give you the right to call yourself a certified  digital wellbeing coach (you have to take the whole 9 months curriculum to be certified).

  • Does NOT cover the topic of how to build a business in digital wellbeing.

  • Allows you to continue with the certification anytime the program is offered (currently offered once per year).

Theoretical Curriculum

  • What is digital stress and what creates it

  • Types of digital stress (FOMO, Zoom fatigue, AI induced stress etc)

  • The three levels of the nervous system and their influence upon behavior patterns

  • The role of the Polyvagal theory in understanding digital stress

  • How to recognize early signs of digital stress using a case study scenario

  • Creating a coaching proposal to resolve organizational issues around digital stress

Call 1:
The Neuroscience of Digital Stress

  • What is interoception and why it's the most miportant human sense in the digital age

  • Neuroception, proprioception, and interoception and the impact of tech usage upon these senses

  • The use of mindfulness exercises - does this help?

  • Role of interoception in regulating mental health

  • Wearable devices - how we outsource our interoception

  • Are "ten thousand steps"really good for you? Opportunities and limitations of using wearables for yourself and with clients

  • Exercises to enhance interoceptive awareness

Call 2:
Interoception & Outsourcing It to Devices

  • The concept of Body Wisdom and how it can be used to raise awareness

  • Embodied cognition and its relationship to human memory and creativity 

  • Common issues caused by device overuse - postural, eyesight

  • The impact of devices upon sleep patterns

  • The negative impact of a sedentary lifestyle and how to intervene

  • Impact of devices on food choices and digestion and how to manage the risks

  • Impact on the interest in and connection to nature

  • Applicability to adults and children

Call 3:
Body Wisdom



  • The relationship between boredom, daydreaming and creativity

  • The role of the default network and its relationship to creativity

  • How devices can help and hurt creativity

  • Why creativity is related to spatial awareness and how online brainstorming impacts creativity

  • Slow vs fast creativity and the requirements of the modern digital world

Call 4:
Creativity, Boredom and Body

  • The concept of Spatial navigation and “built-in” spatial awareness mechanisms

  • Role of senses in navigation

  • The connection between space navigation abilities, personality, and relationships

  • The impact of outsourcing navigation abilities to devices (does GPS cause Alzheimer's?)

  • The human brain and virtual reality (VR)

Call 5:
Spatial Navigation

  • Review key learnings of Level 2

  • Clarify any concepts you did not understand

  • Discuss how you can apply the concepts in your day-to-day life and in professional career
  • Guest speaker

Call 6:
Recap and Applicability

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Next Dates

Start: 5th June 2024,
finish 21st August 2024 (12 weeks)

Calls are on Wednesdays 18.30-20.00 CET
(17.30-19:00 UK time, 12.30-14.00 Eastern Time)

Consciously Digital Level 2 training is currently offered once per year.

Please, join our waitlist if you can't make it this year, or check our shorter programs meanwhile.


Online (Zoom). You must be in a quiet place and have camera on.

All sessions are recorded, however it is highly advised to join live calls, which are highly interactive and 'in the moment'.


Option 1: Theory Only. 1199.99 GBP

Option 2: ​Theory and Applicability (coaching tools): 1699.99 GBP

Payment terms: 599.99 GBP due upon the course registration, and the rest before the course starts.

Discounts: no discounts or scholarships are currently available for this course, but you can use this document to try to convince your boss to pay for you



Jaymie Meyer
Health and Wellness Coach, United States

"As a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a PCC,  I’m always looking for cutting edge strategies to support clients around stress reduction and overall well-being. This course delivered everything I’d hoped for - and then some! Anastasia elegantly combines cutting edge science with coaching systems and tools which any coach - beginning or advanced - can easily employ. At a time when so many are struggling with digital overwhelm, I enthusiastically recommend this course."

*Note: since this is a brand new course, current testimonials are from students who have studied in other Consciously Digital programs

Your Instructor

  • LinkedIn
Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina 
Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina is a two times TEDx speaker, bestselling author of Homo Distractus and founder of Consciously Digital.
Anastasia is a global pioneer of digital wellness, and an acknowledged international expert in the area, who frequently appears in top national and international media including BBC, The Guardian, Forbes,, El Pais, and speaks at major tech events like Women of Silicon Roundabout (London) or Mobile World Congress (Barcelona).
Her clients include HSBC, DLA PIper, Lush, Colt Technologies, VistaPrint, Google,, Microsoft, Soho House and many others.

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