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This is a recording of 8 webinars + templates and research links that help you become a more competent and supportive parent in the digital age. All recordings are stream-only. Bonus: links to latest research about impact of devices and a template for creating a realistic screen time schedule for your child.

  • Are you concerned about how much screen time is too much for your children and teens?

  • Are you wondering if screen time limits should be modified during lockdown?

  • Are you finding it difficult to get your child off Youtube or Fortnite?

  • Are you struggling to get work done now that your children are at home all day every day?

Parenting in the digital age is not easy. It’s no wonder that parents are feeling overwhelmed, anxious and exasperated. But it doesn’t have to be like this! Several of the UK's leading parenting experts have teamed up, with Consciously Digital Parents' Academy, to help parents get back in charge and prepare children for the digital future.

Learn how to make family life in the digital age calmer, easier and happier for parents and children alike from top experts.

Questions we cover in this course:

1. Science of screen time

What science says about screen time, why not all screen time is the same, and what parents should do

2. Realistic screen time schedule

Routines reduce resistance: how to create a realistic screen time schedule that brings out the best in all family members

3. Overcoming resistance

How to deal effectively with protests when parents start to set screen time limits. Why parents give in and allow more screen time than they think is right; how to stay strong and determined

4. Responsible screen usage

What is responsible screen usage? Can you rely on your children and teens to be responsible? What should you warn them about? How and when to have conversations with your children and teens about responsible screen use. Ideas for online activities where children will be safe.

5. Can you trust your children?

How to know when you can trust your child or teen to be sensible about screen use. We'll discuss development of children’s brains at different ages and how the ability to control their impulses changes over time. How parents can set up structures to help children and teens learn and practise self-control.

6. United front

Does your partner share your values about screen time? In this session we'll discuss how to become a United Front with your partner so that your children take what you both say seriously.

7. Family time and screen-free activities to do together

How to wean children and teens off screen overuse: Family Time, helping your children rediscover enjoyment of many non-screen activities by themselves or with parents.

8. Making distance/e-learning work

Is learning or reading online vs offline different? How can parents help their children to learn better remotely? What to say to your children's school if they want pupils to use iPads for homework.

Consciously Digital Parents' Academy

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