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A set of 30 digital detox cards to help you reclaim your time and attention. Each card has a practical challenge to control your use of tech, or an insightful question to encourage your to think about your relationship with technology. Printed on high quality 350mm thick paper and coming in a transparent bag, they make a perfect present for any ocassion.


Price includes shipping!

Here's what people who got them think:


Adriana, nutritionist, UK: "I have just received detox cards and they look great. One tip per day to detox our life’s from excessive screen watching. (This tip particularly resonated because once I started telling my clients about my online schedule choices I feel less of a slave to my email, for example)."

​​Paola, mum and blogger, Finland: "​I liked this experience. I made some of the advice a regular rule and overall it has improved my time at home and some of my workflow habits."


Note: cards don't include the stand in the first picture. If you do want the stand, as well, please drop us a message via contact form, and we'll see what we can do.

Digital Detox Cards

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