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Luna El Khaldy, CD Associate Coach

Luna El Khaldy, CD Associate Coach



Luna is the co-founder and co-host of the Middle East’s leading Arabic parenting podcast, Mishbilshibshib. Through the podcast, Luna and her cohost discuss the latest research on the psychology of parenting with the aim of raising awareness on positive, conscious, peaceful parenting. Luna obtained her Master of Science in Psychology, with a focus on Cyberpsychology in 2022. Her thesis, titled Digitally parenting preteens in the UAE: A cross-cultural qualitative study, explored the gaps in research surrounding digital parenting in the Middle East, uncovered new findings and proposed future research recommendations. Luna will be launching a new initiative named The Digital Parent in the last quarter of 2023, where it focuses on the challenges parents face, and provides a platform to translate research on the topic to parents, policy makers, and changemakers to raise a new generation of mindful digital citizens, by focusing on their digital wellbeing. Luna is currently a trained Consciously Digital Coach, and a Transformational Parenting Coach. She strives to provide parents with supportive strategies to help them digitally parent their children in the modern era. Her passion for the topic stems from her learnings with her own two children.

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