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Richard Lalchan, CD Connect Groups Leader

Richard Lalchan, CD Connect Groups Leader

United Kingdom


Richard is a life and business coach to creatives and entrepreneurs. He works face to face with clients in St Albans & Watford, UK. and around the world via Zoom. He loves seeing people have clarity and momentum in their life and work.

His background is in 'digital marketing' since before the term was coined, working with clients large and small to develop their brand and web presence. However, having trained many companies to use social media more effectively, he became disillusioned with it all, deciding that encouraging companies to help their users get addicted to their content, didn't sit well with him. He found enough of his own time being sucked away by social media. He didn't want to encourage others to do the same.

Richard then got rid of his social media channels and now also coaches people through the modern scourge of being wedded to our smartphones: diluting our attention, focus and concentration. Having dumped his smartphone, he wants to help you break free from digital distractions–finding the right solution for you, which may or may not include removing your smartphone.

Richard is also a committed Christian and is passionate about helping other Christians renew their minds, to think less like the world and more like Christ.

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