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Consciously Digital Coach Training

The only digital wellness coach training in the world approved by:

Next course starts September 19th. Join waitlist to be the first to know if there is an extra place.

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Accelerate your career,
defeat digital distraction,
and help others avoid digital burnout

The world has undergone a digital transformation overnight as a result of COVID-19. More than ever, we are experiencing loneliness, anxiety, and Zoom fatigue. Technology is automating routine tasks, and we need to focus in order to perform the deep, creative work that the world needs. But before we can change the world, we have to help ourselves.

Over 6 months, you will learn about the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, coaching, design, and more, helping you better understand the impact of digital technology on human behaviour.

You will also have plenty of opportunities for self-development work within a supportive community to understand and change your own digital habits. You will graduate equipped with the tools, understanding and experience to do your best work and stay resilient, despite the unprecedented conditions we are experiencing.  

Find Your Balance


Save yourself from digital burnout and gain back control over your life

Digital wellbeing is a hot sector. Tech giants including Google, Microsoft, and Apple are rolling out solutions to help users manage screen time and forming advisory boards for ethical tech. There is a rising demand for empathetic and ethical designers, developers, and educators.

Of the 80 percent of organizations which recognize employee well-being is important for their success, only 12 percent are prepared to address this issue. They need leaders with the knowledge, skills, and credentials to navigate the post-COVID-19 reality.

Consciously Digital Coach Training gives you all the skills you need to grow your existing business or start a new career in the fast-growing digital wellbeing sector.


Accelerate your career or start a new business in digital wellbeing

Level Up

Consciously Digital coaches are community leaders passionate about helping people take back control over their lives. They advocate for a more human approach to technology development and use. 

In the course, you will learn how to recognise signs of technology fatigue, so you can help your clients and colleagues regain control of their time, energy and attention. The course will hone your leadership skills and empathy so you can serve your communities, colleagues and your clients in the most human way in an increasingly digital world.
The capstone project will provide you with an opportunity to come up with a digital wellbeing workshop or product and get feedback from seasoned digital wellbeing professionals.


Help your clients, colleagues or children regain control of their time, energy and attention



​Over 100 coaches across 5 continents were rigorously trained in the first years of the program's existence 


​Consciously Digital has been working in the digital wellbeing sector with top Fortune 100 companies since 2015


Hours of CCE. Recognised by the most authoritative certification bodies on coaching, the International Coach Federation (ICF) and NBHWC (35.5 CEs)

Who should take the CD Coach Training?

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  • Provide additional services and offerings for your existing clients

  • Understand the impact of tech on your clients

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  • Understand the impact your products have on your users

  • Build products that improve people's lives and promote a healthy society

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  • Support employee mental health and prevent burnout

  • Help productivity

  • Ensure effective remote collaboration

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  • Protect primary, high school and college students from the effects of tech overuse

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  • Prevent burnout due to information overload

  • Help clients develop more human and empathetic offerings

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  • Understand the impact of tech on individuals and society

  • Build a career in the digital wellbeing space

Career Outcomes


​​Improved their own digital habits, leading to more focused and productive work and less stress​​


​Got a tangible career benefit from the Consciously Digital Coach Training


Started a new career or advanced in their current one after completing the training

Course Benefits

  • Train your brain - You will go through an intense training that will teach you to process large amounts of information, synthesize it and manage your time, a valuable skill in the digital age. 
  • Active learning principles - Practice coaching skills, solve real live case studies, and discuss latest neuroscience research
  • Live group classes - No pre-recording, learn live and make real human connections 
  • Small class sizes - Your class is carefully selected to complement your skills, max 12-14 people per cohort
  • Practical tools - Not just information that is free. Coaching and facilitation tools, self-development work. It won't be easy, but it's worth it.  
  • Real life case studies - Learnings you can apply in the real world including neuroscience theory, coaching and facilitation tools, and self-development work ​​
  • Peers from leading companies and entrepreneurs - Including Mudita, GE, Schneider Electric, IBM, Citi and Connected. All participants love to be challenged and thrive in an intellectually stimulating environment.
  • Be Discovered - All graduates are listed in the Consciously Digital Coach Directory and keep in touch via a dedicated coaches-only community