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Work Well Lab by Consciously Digital

Virtual Team Meeting

For a motivated and inspired remote workforce

WorkWell Lab

Introducing Work Well Lab: the new way to work remotely

Today, more work than ever is done remotely. There are many reasons to go remote - COVID-19 restrictions or precautions, globalisation, costs, or a younger workforce that demands flexibility. But that flexibility comes at a cost. With the shift to remote work, many organisations are experiencing that:  

  • Employees are more distracted and less productive than in the office

  • Employees find working at home lonely 

  • Employees are starting to experience burnout 

  • Maintaining company culture and motivation is more challenging in a remote environment

Work Well Lab sessions are designed to help your employees stay connected to the company, while minimising digital distractions.

Book our new online focus Sessions. facilitated by trained Consciously Digital coaches. Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch or Russian!

Why Join Work Well Lab with Consciously Digital


Stay focused and get more done


Understand how manage digital distractions 


Teams encourage accountability - plus, it's more fun with others! 


A certified instructor to support you in the way that suits you best

What it looks like

Bev Costoya co-working session - setting our intention for the session

Bev Costoya co-working session - setting our intention for the session

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