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For a motivated and inspired remote workforce


Introducing Work Well Lab: the new way to work remotely

Today, more work than ever is done remotely. There are many reasons to go remote - COVID-19 restrictions or precautions, globalisation, costs, or a younger workforce that demands flexibility. But that flexibility comes at a cost. With the shift to remote work, many organisations are experiencing that:  

  • Employees are more distracted and less productive than in the office

  • Employees find working at home lonely 

  • Employees are starting to experience burnout 

  • Maintaining company culture and motivation is more challenging in a remote environment

Work Well Lab sessions are designed to help your employees stay connected to the company, while minimising digital distractions.

Book our new online focus Sessions. facilitated by trained Consciously Digital coaches. Available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Dutch or Russian!

Why Join Work Well Lab with Consciously Digital


Stay focused and get more done


Understand how manage digital distractions 


Teams encourage accountability - plus, it's more fun with others! 


A certified instructor to support you in the way that suits you best

What it looks like

What Our Clients Say


Amy Moser

Life Coach &


"What Bev has shared about our addiction to technology has helped me rein it back in. For example, I no longer have any notifications on my phone. I am more aware of how I am feeling before I take a plunge into Facebook. What else could I do that might be better for me? Eg. Eating, sleeping, exercise.”

How it Works

1) Participants register for one or several sessions, and are sent a link to join at the scheduled time.  

2) In the beginning of each session CD trained coach shares a bit of theory about digital distractions and how our attention works, giving practical tips on how to organize your work

3) Participants are split into groups, clarify their goals for the session and work on their own - together. 

​There are typically 4-6 people per virtual room, and we mute ourselves not to distract others. 

4)  A session typically lasts for 3-4 hours. We take short enforced breaks to chat or have coffee - just like in a real office - to ensure you can stay fresh and productive. 

5) At the end, participants share their experience and learnings.

Hooray! It's still mid-day and you have accomplished a huge chunk of work! Well done!

We can deliver tailor-made sessions or train your internal facilitators.
Contact us to enquire about Work Well Lab for your company.

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