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Detox Fridays: this week's best digital detox stories

Are you interested in digital detox topic, but don’t want to lose much time browsing through multiple articles? To save your time, we’ve prepared a digest of our top favorite digital detox stories this week.

If you are like 75 per cent of the Brits, who believe they have no control over their use of Internet-based products and services and need a reason to put your phone down, The Yoga Journal gives you not just one, but three: 1. Using your mobile excessively could lead to anxiety and depression 2. “Surveilling” the lives of old friends provokes the green eye, and depression as a result of that 3. It can cause conflict with your second half, as you’re likely to prefer your phone to your partner Did we convince you? Why not try unplugging? To do that, you could use the weekly “digital diet” proposed by Savings Guide. The best part: it can also save you a few pennies as we usually treat our money the same way we treat our time! Day 1: Monday - Task: Find out where your money and time online is going Day 2: Tuesday - Task: Make a conscious effort to unsubscribe from promotional emails in your inbox Day 3: Wednesday - Task: Block all tempting websites/apps/games on your phone Day 4: Thursday - Task: Stop using social media, set a goal to avoid it for 1 week Day 5: Friday - Task: If you enjoy betting on games, make an effort to not gamble via technology Day 6: Saturday - Task: Have a completely digital free day, no devices/no connectivity Day 7: Sunday - Task: Reconnect with real friends and real experiences If this doesn’t work, you can always try an internet addiction recovery centre – check out what it’s like in this story by Huffington Post.

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