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Free coaching for those affected by coronavirus

Consciously Digital coaches are offering 2 pro-bono individual coaching sessions per person for all those in need because of #coronavirus.

Typical questions people would come to us to be coached on:

- Feeling anxious/stressed when reading online news and social media

- Spending more time than ever in front of the screen and feeling physical and emotional consequences

- Unable to concentrate when working from home

- Creating digital boundaries for kids when they are at home

So basically anything that has to do with your digital habits and coping with the current flow of (mis)information and negativity and staying safe.

​Leave your contact details here.

PS Please, note this is not an opportunity for corporates to get something that costs money free of charge, but rather an offer for people in real need who are affected by situation and wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise, so kindly respect it! (if you are a corporate and are worried about wellbeing of your employess under current challenging conditions, ping us and we'll be happy to share what we can do to help your workforce lower stress and stay focused at very reasonable prices)

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