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Mental health during crisis times

There is a physical #coronavirus, but there is an even more powerful virus of misinformation and panic being spread via social media. And the latter is far more dangerous, since stress actually undermines your immune system.

So please, make sure that you are protecting yourself and your close ones from both these days. A few simple tips of how to do it:

1. Choose 1-2 credible sources of information, stop reading everything on social media (I'd say, stop reading social media altogether, but that's unlikely to happen)

2. Make sure you first check whatever you are sharing, as there is lot of information out there. Will take you 5 extra seconds to google it.

3. Focus on things you can control, and how you can help real people. Maybe ordering something for elder relatives online, or scheduling support calls, whatever it is.

Everyone, stay mentally healthy, it's as important as your physical health. We'll be adding more tips and explaining how 'social media viruses' get spread in the next few days here.

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