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Detox Fridays: How Smartphones Change Your Personality and Real-Life Hacks to Fight It

How addicted are you to your smartphone? Here is a round up of some stories about the effects of smartphones and some ideas on how to create a healthier life balance.

Our attention spans and mindfulness are being affected as a result of overusing smartphones, according to this story by the Huffington Post. With our constant fear of being alone growing, as well as our ever growing need for stimulation becoming more and more apparent, the overuse of smartphones are having serious effects on our brain.

Do you remember what a smartphone free world used to look like? If you are having problems even imagining this concept, it may be because smartphones are seriously damaging our imaginations, according to Sydney Morning Herald. The study features a developer Keith Holesh, who built an app allowing people to track their phone usage, as well as allowing them to set daily limits for their phone usage.

If you are thinking that you may just be in need of one of these apps but you’re not too sure what to do with all this new free time you’ll have on your hands, Vogue have created a list of real life alternatives for smartphone apps. These include:

1: Replacing your Snapchat for a Polaroid camera (the photos are bound to last more than ten seconds!)

2: Swapping your iTunes or Spotify for a retro vinyl player, a trend that is actually on the rise again

3: Making your own real life mood board, as opposed to apps such as Pinterest.

For more ideas, read the full list here.

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