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101 days

In 2021 you will spend*: - 36.5 days on social media (2 hours 40 min daily on average) - 33.8 days reading work emails only (3.1 hours daily and 252 working days on average) - 26.25 days reading personal emails (2.5 hours daily on weekdays) - 10 days (40 minutes a day at least) on video conference calls - 5 days on messaging apps like Whatsapp (24 minutes per day on average)* If you subtract the time that you spend on sleeping, eating and overall life logistics (let's say it's 10 hours daily or 152 days per year), it leaves you with a very little space for your humanity. 365-152-5-10-33.8-36.5-26.25=101.25 days Just over a 101 days you've got for deep work (emails don't count), do something meaningful, be a good friend or a parent, exercise and live your life as a human being this year. How will you spend this time? Will you indulge in more screen time? Or will you make a change to your digital habits and help yourself and eventually others reclaim other humanity? I invite you to check out Consciously Digital coach training and become part of our family.

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