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Emotions and devices

One reason why we quickly get tired in front of computers is that we don't have a chance to express our EMOTIONS or fully read other people's emotions.

Humans have developed emotions as a way to react to the outside environment, this is a primary mechanism that helps us LEARN and allows to COLLABORATE with others. Yes, as much as we'd like to think we are rational, our memorization and collaboration processes are driven largely by emotions.

Already before lockdowns emotions at workplace were dismissed as 'unprofessional' in many cases, but now with not being able to see our co-workers or clients, not being able to pick up what's going on for them, our brain simply doesn't get enough information that it is primed to have. It's UNNATURAL and no wonder it feels difficult.

In one experiment when kids were deprived of their screens just for 5 days, they became much better at recognizing other people's emotions and more compassionate.

How do we create a place for connecting to others when we have to talk to them only online? How do we make sure we make the most of being humans, rather than behaving like computers?

Would love to hear your thoughts on how this can work in the workplace or at schools.

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