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Making the most of this lockdown time

What if this whole mess we’re living through these days is a blessing? How different would your behavior be?

Before you start throwing tomatoes at me, please read on.

Yes, economy is shaky and our incomes are shrinking (my live speaking gigs have been postponed until September at least), we are endlessly worried about close ones, sitting at home is not much fun, especially if you are a parent… and yet, what if you tried to make lemonade out of these lemons?

We have a unique, perhaps once in a lifetime opportunity to:

  1. Slow down for once and therefore reconnect with our true selves. Have a think of where we want to be next

  2. Take care of our bodies and diet

  3. Develop resilience and trust in ourselves – because we will truly need it in the age of AI

  4. Innovate our businesses in very limited time and low cost

  5. Reconnect with our close ones and appreciate how deep human connections are truly valuable and how much we need physical contact, not just virtual one

What are we doing instead?

  1. Working longer hours than before, trying to answers thousands of ‘urgent’ enquiries, and then having our family catch-ups and entertainment on the screens

  2. Drinking alcohol and eating comforting food to reduce stress. Minimizing exercise and sitting in front of the computer all day

  3. Worrying 24/7 about things outside of our control, reading social media non-stop and help spreading fake news without knowing them

  4. Cutting all budgets for new developments and creating emergency survival plans (rather than thinking of how to use this situation to your company’s advantage and start rolling out pilots of programs that could take otherwise years for approval)

  5. Shouting at our kids and close ones because you are stressed and tired of all of the above

Sounds familiar?

I have a solution (you won’t like it, but it works).

Ask yourself this simple question: how could you use the current situation to thrive, not just survive?

It’s the times when things can change very fast, for good and for bad. How can you use this opportunity to take care of yourself more? To make your business more resilient and innovative? You have only a few weeks to do that.

The nature is already cleaning itself after a few days of reduced human intervention. The air above the cities has never been better in decades. Open your windows, and let’s also use this opportunity to clean ourselves. Wishing everyone to stay healthy, physically and mentally.

If you want tips on managing your digital habits, check out our upcoming events.

PS my additional practical tips to maintain sanity: establish a strict daily routine, stand up from your computer and stretch every hour, batch checking your emails and whatsapp notifications (do NOT keep your phone in the same room), do at least 30 minutes of physical exercise daily, keep your windows open as much as possible, do more things with your hands as this keeps you grounded, reduce alcohol and worrying as both impact your immune system.

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