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Surviving info overwhelm of corona virus

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

This is an unusual 'coronavirus' update with tips of how to stay sane when the world is going crazy from us at Consciously Digital.

1. Time to limit your social media consumption to only essential

Honestly, you aren't staying more informed by reading yet another 1000 tweets about the disease or plummeting stock market. Emotions are as contagious as viruses, so don't fall victim of the panic. Have one quality source of info that you read daily, the rest of the time focus on what you can do here and now.

2. If asked to work remotely, do it in a human way

We've put together recommendations on how to work from home in a human way. In short, prioritize your focus and actually take advantage of the situation. Also heads up that Consciously Digital offers guided online Focus Sessions for everyone who needs to work remotely and finds it tricky - perhaps something interesting for your team/company?

3. Focus on doing things with your hands, breathing and physical exercise

All of the above helps you ground your body and feel more control over your life. Also, talk about your concerns with close people and ideally touch them and get them touch you - human touch helps release oxytocine, the hormone of trust and bonding that relieves stress (works even through a glove) :).

Hopefully you are staying healthy, your fridge is fully stocked, and your sense of humour is abundant - because this is the best human weapon that we have:))


PS We've put together a virtual talk and conference about loneliness, social media and connections in the digital world. We're trying out a new format, a blend of a talk and online networking, because we want a more human way to use tech. So please join us on the 27th March (Friday).

Our physical events around the world are still going ahead. Germany (Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich) are happening in April, full schedule here. See you around!

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