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How to work better in a hybrid environment

Hybrid work is more distracting. According to Gartner (2021), employees in hybrid mode are…

2.54 times more likely to experience digital distractions,

1.12 times more likely to feel they work too hard at their jobs compared to onsite work,

1.27 times more likely to struggle to disconnect from work.

Distractions indirectly and negatively influence our mental health. So you may feel more emotionally exhausted now that you work remotely.

Do you face these challenges? We have put together tips to make your hybrid or remote-first work a better experience.

1. Prioritize your focus

- Minimize/remove notifications on your devices

- Keep the number of open computer windows to a minimum

- Keep devices you aren't using in the other room (the mere presence of your smartphone has been shown to reduce cognitive abilities)

- Book timeslots for "deep work" without interruptions by colleagues

- Use blocking apps to avoid going to social media or news websites

2. Have a dedicated big desk to work

The main distractions at home are noise and... a small desk. Having a dedicated large desk and special workspace reduces distractions.

3. Pay attention to your body needs

Chances are that now that you work from home you sit more, so you need to find ways to compensate for it.

One way to deal with it is to do fake commute breaks in the beginning and end of the workday, even if that's for 15 minutes.

Another efficient way is during working time to take mini-breaks of 1-2 minute each every half an hour or so. Do some stretching or simply stand up. This helps prevent a number of problems that arise from constant sitting.

4. Set up clear boundaries

Multiple research proves that when we don't take time to properly switch off from work, this increases our levels of stress and ultimately impacts productivity.

Find a way to leave work at work, when you work from home - whether it's about leaving computer in the other room, or using a different work profile on your phone, or performing a ritual at the end of the workday.

Is your team moving to remote-only or hybrid workplace? Consciously Digital coaches can support you in this transition. Contact us to find out more.

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