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Meet CD coach: Nataria Rajabi

What is your background in a few words?

Digital worlds as a scrum master, agile coach for team and organisation. In addition to it, I work as a digital wellbeing coach. Creative, pragmatic and flexible as a coach.

Any funny fact or random thing about yourself that you'd like to share about yourself? I have a cat called Carrot and an amateur film maker

Which languages can you coach people in? English, Dutch, Indonesian

What type of clients do you work with/have you worked with? What are typical problems they come to you with? Clients in IT background i.e. Product Owner, Scrum Masters, young professionals. Key topics are staying focus and creative in digital world, professional growth, difficult situations at work, team work.

If you could give our readers one tip on how to improve their digital habits, what would it be? Set intentions on everything you do online. It only takes few seconds.

Is the world heading to zombie apocalypse? VR zombies , yes

Want to know what it's like to work with Nataria? She offers pro-bono coaching taster sessions. She can be contacted via Linkedin or using our contact form.

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