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10 ideas for digital minimalism presents this Christmas

Are you overwhelmed with searching for original presents? We’ve prepared a list of 10 presents that you can give you colleagues, loved ones or even to yourself to be a bit more digitally conscious in 2019!

  1. An alarm clock. It can be a simple one, with radio/music or waking you up with the natural light. And leave your phone outside of your bedroom to improve your sleep and sexual life

  2. A book to read deeply over holiday season. For example, Homo Distractus speaks about our relationships with technology - available as an e-book or a print one**

  3. Colouring books for grown-ups are a perfect ‘mindfulness’ practice!

  4. Meditation course or an app subscription (i.e. Headspace) to rebuild focus and attention

  5. Collection of nice paper and envelopes to write to friends

  6. A set of digital detox cards by Consciously Digital – one digital detox challenge to try every day for an entire month**

  7. An old school phone (Nokia 130 I use has 25 days without charging and 2 sim cards, and nope, I am not on commission ;))

  8. A blocking app for your phone or computer to prevent yourself from going to distracting websites (for example, get a subscription for Freedom, Siempo or support StayFocusd)

  9. A special box or a 'phone bed’ to lock in your phone or laptop when you are done working. There’s something very relaxing for our brain when we physically separate ourselves from our devices at the end of the workday

  10. A dinner or a whole day out with your friends or family without any phones to truly connect – priceless!

** If you are in Barcelona, you can pick the book or cards up from me before Christmas

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